Point of Sales Features

Simple to use & Scalable

Fully train your staff in just 15 minutes. Our system is proven from 1-1000 systems, so can grow with your business.

Handsfree Installation

We will migrate all your data from an existing system and import your products, stock and customer data.

Exceptional Support

Priority phone support 24/7, unlimited 1 on 1 coaching and training. Onsite engineers available throughout the UK.

Access Rights & Permissions

Restrict any till function, control and accountable the user account. You can create multiple users.

Customisable Receipts

Customise your own receipts with images and/or special offers, track historic transactions and email receipts for returning customers.

Caller ID & Postcode

World’s easiest POS system, it has integrated caller id and postcode. So you can identify the customer within a second.

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What is ePoS PLUS?

ePoS Plus is POS (point of sales) software developed by CreativeMode LTD.

Where can I use ePoS PLUS?

ePoS PLUS is a windows based software, it also works on android & iOS devices.

What type of business ePoS PLUS for?

ePoS PLUS mainly works on restaurant & takeaway business, but it also can operate on the retail business as well.

Is it really free?

ePoS PLUS is a licensed software which is not free. But for the promotional period, we are offering absolutely free.

Can I customize it?

ePoS PLUS is fully customizable according to your business requirement.

How do I get customer service?

Our specialist support team is always ready to help you. You will get online and remote support 24/7. You might have to pay a small amount of fee for onsite support.

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